Hot and Sour Soup

My husband and I are both recovering from a pretty nasty virus and are both stuffed up and […]

Cloud Eggs - complEATly

Cloud Eggs

These eggs are my new obsession! They taste amazing, and give me all the joy cotton candy used to […]


Japanese Curry

Some foods are ugly, but delicious… this is absolutely one of those dishes.  I followed the “Japanese Curry […]


Vanilla Macarons

Ingredients Almond Mixture: 275 g almond flour 275 g powdered sugar 105 g egg whites 2 Vanilla Pods […]


Coconut Green Curry

I am absolutely convinced that the brand Thai Kitchen was made solely to keep Thai restaurants in business. […]

Konnyaku and Pork Stir Fry - complEATly

Konnyaku Pork Stir Fry

This easy low-calorie stir fry will diffidently hit the spot when you’re craving take out. It’s packed with […]