Can you use dairy-free butter to make meringue buttercream frosting?



Here are a few suggestions for best results:

  • Use a dairy-free butter that is around 80% fat
    • Most dairy-free butters have the fat ratio listed somewhere on the package.
  • Keep the butter fairly cool
    • Don’t let the butter get all the way to room temperature if the butter is really shiny when you try to use it – it’s too warm.
  • Don’t let the frosting warm up
    • I recommend keeping the cake in the fridge, or in a cool room. If the frosting gets too warm it will break.
  • Use unsalted butter.
  • Don’t use a dairy-free butter you wouldn’t eat on toast. I’ve tried some recipes that use high-ratio shortening, and they taste very plastic-y.
  • Make sure the meringue is room temperature or below before you start using your butter.
    • To cool down the meringue hold an icepack on the side of the mixer, while it’s mixing. Place your other hand on the opposite side of the bowl, once it’s cool to the touch you’re ready to start adding your just below room temperature butter.


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